How is Stofsky & Schiller, LLC (“S&S”) different from other legal search firms?
The recruiting team at S&S has over 50 years of collective legal recruiting experience. Through the years we have met with our clients numerous times and have been with them through changes involving their growth and development. These on-site meetings have resulted in our having a better understanding of the firm’s individual culture and personality and an in-depth knowledge of each practice group. In turn, we have placed literally hundreds of attorneys successfully in various positions and at various levels. We strive to develop long-lasting relationships with all of the attorneys we recruit for as well as represent. Many of our past placements have become partners at their respective firms as well as others who have attained high-level positions in house. We therefore have direct access into many of the departments for whom we are recruiting. Our extensive referral network and stellar reputation is a testament to our excellent work. As members of NALSC, the National Association of Legal Search Consultants, we follow a strict ethical code of doing business in our industry.

How do I register with Stofsky & Schiller, Inc.?
Submit your resume via e-mail (as an attachment in MS Word format), by regular mail or by fax. Once we receive your resume, our recruiting team will review it. If we have any placement opportunities for you, or require any additional information, we will contact you.

How will S&S find a position that’s right for me?
We will take the time to meet you and learn about you and your specific skills and expertise as well as your career goals.

It’s been a long time since I’ve revised my resume. What format should I use? How long should it be?
We recommend that resumes be kept to one page, if possible, with more detailed information about significant transactions. Use a concise format: education, professional work experience and bar admissions. Junior attorneys should describe education first and experience second; senior attorneys, experience first and then education. List items in reverse chronological order. Include more details about work experience that is most relevant to the position you are seeking.

How do I prepare for Interviews?
One of our strengths is preparing candidates for interviews. We bring every candidate back for a training session on interviewing. There are two aspects to this training session. The first is diagnosing the candidate’s skills and experience and helping him/her articulate succinctly what they have to offer the client. We then impart in detail all the information about the position, which the candidate will need so that he/she is really prepared. Most interviews last one half hour so a successful candidate must be prepared. If a candidate has trouble with interviewing skills we will conduct training sessions until they are successful.

Once registered, how do I control where S&S sends my resume?
We inform you of any potential opportunities, but we would NEVER submit your resume without your express permission.

Do all firms require transcripts and writing samples?
Most larger firms require law school transcripts as a matter of course in their lateral hiring. Unofficial student copies will usually suffice. Writing samples are requested less frequently, and when they do, they usually ask for a brief or memorandum.

What about references?
To preserve confidentiality, references normally aren’t requested until later stages of the hiring process. Often candidates feel uncomfortable giving notice so we will advise you on the professional way to go through the process.

How much will it cost for me if S&S places me?
As executive search consultants we are hired by the client to perform searches. Therefore there is no fee to any candidate who works with S&S. The clients pay the fee.

How can I ensure the confidentiality of my career search?
In our experience, the professional recruiting staffs of law firms and corporations are careful to preserve the confidentiality of lateral candidates. Needless to say, individuals should be careful to work with reputable placement firms, who are established and who reveal a candidate’s identity only with express, prior authorization. Unsolicited submissions cannot make the same claim for confidentiality, and they are far less likely to produce results. Likewise, one should not expect confidentiality when responding to a “blind” ad or web posting.

How long does a new job search normally take?
There is no such as thing as “normal” in a job search. There are many factors that go into the timing of a placement. From the client’s perspective, the search can be based on market trends, the time of year and how specific their needs are. Some clients make decisions in a timely fashion while others have a longer process. From the candidate’s perspective finding the right “match” can depend on the number of appropriate positions open at a given time and on how narrowly an individual defines the size, type and location of opportunities he or she will consider.