Stofsky & Schiller LLC


Stofsky & Schiller Company Philosophy:

Effective recruiting requires more than simply finding “suitable” candidates for our clients or “appropriate” positions for our candidates. It requires a clear understanding of our client’s needs as well as an appreciation of our candidate’s goals and objectives. Our challenge is to match attorneys who are compatible with each other’s educational background as well as legal experience, work style, ethics and philosophy who can quickly become corporate family members.

The company has a vast network of contacts and a state of the art database. We have developed an impeccable record and reputation with our clients due to the quality of candidate introductions and successful placements.

Based on Professional Ethics

• Deep-rooted commitment to clients and candidates; insight into their needs

• Confidentiality

• Personalized attention; feedback and follow-through

• Intelligence, honesty, professionalism, respect, integrity

• Passion, high-energy, love of the job and sense of humor

• Member of NALSC, National Organization of Legal Search Consultants